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Feeling tooo bored in lucknow

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I have recently shifted to Lucknow due to job requirements.

I am feeling toooooo bored here..... coz i am new and don't know much about this place.

by nature, i am very romantic...... but feeling lonely here......

Hope to hear from someone who also feels alone like me.


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1 Answer

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I wish you a very HAPPY  DIWALI

How  are you ?

I wonder, how  come  you  are bored in such a nice  city i.e. lucknow.  I  think u  don't  have LUCK  NOW  or  u  don't  KNOW how  to make good friends irrespective of  gender.  I hope  u a good  LUCK.

Do you  know, you  can be a best  friend of yourself ? Have u  ever tried  it ?

Look forward to hearing  from you.

Have a nice time,

tc, bye,
answered by mdchaskar

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